Look the features of the CLASS software and discover how to turn your Asterisk PBX.

Module: Base (it's FREE) -

  • It is multilanguage. It's possible selected for single user between these languages: english, italian (translations can be customized directly from the web interface)
  • It manage "unlimited" users (each user can be assigned one or more extensions)
  • It manage "unlimited" phonebooks (shared and private phonebooks)
  • Each contact can be assigned headings, each number or contact in general, to reach an extension directly (extension, group, queue, etc.) bypassing the standard configurations of the PBX
  • It manage "CID Lookup"
  • For every contact of the phonebook it's possible view the inbound and outbound calls (even for a single phone number of the contact)
  • Dial phonebook entries
  • Detailed report for inner, easy to use and to read (Call history)
  • Call record edlistening (according to the permissions assigned ) straight from the "Call history"
  • Set "DND" and "Follow Me"
Always just a click away the "Task bar" for a quick access to:
  • Favourites contacts (with click-2-call)
  • Last 15 outbound calls (with click-2-call)
  • Last 15 inbound calls (with click-2-call)
  • Last 15 missed calls (with click-2-call)
  • Enable/disable DND
  • Enable/disable follow-me
  • Phonebooks syncronization with Yealink phones
  • Phonebooks syncronization with Grandstream phones

Module: Google Contacts Sync -

Each phonebook (managed from Module Base) can be associated with a Google account.
Insert, edit and delete contacts takes place in real time from Class to Google Contact. Synchronization from Google Contact to Class instead is scheduled within the crontab (usually every 30 minutes).

So we can have the triangulation "Class > Google Contacts > Smartphone/Tablet" (and vice versa) and then have our contacts on "mobile".

Module: BLF (Extension Buttons) and Chat -

Each user can be assigned to monitor more extensions (BLF).
For each BLF you can perform these actions:

  • Click-2-call: call the extension
  • Click-2-recall: book a recall if the extension is busy (according to the permissions assigned by Admin)
  • Click-2-pickup: direct call pickup
  • Click-2-spy: spy the active call of the extension
  • Click-2-chat: open the chat (by selecting the user assigned to the extension relative)
Inbound Call Notification. Pop UP on incoming calls with the possibility to:
  • Save even during the conversation) notes automatically saved on the CDR
  • Open (automatically or manually) an URL passing automatically the variables: number-caller, number-called (ideal for the connection with CRM or management systems)
Each user can use the Chat with these possible actions:
  • Send messages to individual users
  • Send messages to all users
  • Send files
  • View the chat history (from date to date) and send it by email
Messages are notified with sound and with the notification of the browser (if supported)

Module: Fax T.30/T.38 -

You can manage "unlimited" virtual fax.
Each user can be assigned one or more virtual fax.

  • Each user can only use the virtual fax assigned
  • Each user can view only, from web interface, the faxes sent and received from your virtual fax assigned
You can manage "unlimited" fax cover (in HTML).
Received and sent faxes are notified by e-mail with the attached fax to pdf.

Module: Mail-2-Fax -

To each virtual fax can be associated an email account (eg. fax.sales@mydomaint.com, etc).
In the e-mail address is inserted the fax number to which to send and how attached one or more files in pdf.

The check is made on the mail sender that must be present in the user list.

Module: Utilities

Alert user disk space:
You can monitoring used disk space for specific directory (usually /var/spool/asterisk/monitor).
If the disk space occupied exceeds the value of monitoring set, a notification is sent via e-mail.

Delete old files:
You can automatically delete old files (usually /var/spool/asterisk/monitor).
if the date of the files exceeds the number of days set, these are deleted.

Mix Audio ( Wow!):
This module allows you to mix voice and music directly into audio format for Asterisk. For "Music on Hold" you can determine how many seconds should be repeated the message "voice." Among the options also the fade-out.

Module: Sms -

  •  Modulo "SMS".
    •     Ability to create three different types of Sms Device:
      •        Chan_dongle
      •        url API
      •        script API
    •     Possibilit√† di associare le device ai singoli utenti
    •     Ability to create lists of sending taking contacts from address books or by importing txt file
    •     Ability to associate lists individual users
    •     Sending free or send contacts in the phonebook

Module: Sms -

  •  Module "SMS".
    •     Ability to create three different types of Sms Device:
      •        Chan_dongle
      •        HTTP API
      •        Script API
    •     Ability to associate the SMS device to individual users
    •     Ability to create lists of sending taking contacts from address books or by importing txt file
    •     Ability to associate lists individual users
    •     Free send or send from phonebook

Module: Queues (Statistics) -

This module allows you to have detailed statistics and graphs relating to:

  •     Answered calls
  •     Unanswered calls
  •     Distribution calls

Module: Queues (Real Time Monitorag and Agents Managemente) -

This module allows you to monitor in real time the queues with 2 different views.

Each user can be assigned to monitor queues.

The "Agents Management" allows you to assign to each Agent queues to which can log and then answer.
The codes used for login / logout are as follows:

  •     **21*[queue] - Login to single queue
  •     **22*[queue] - Logout from single queue
  •     **21** - Login all queues
  •     **22** - Logout all queues
  •     **23** - Force Logout extension from all queues
  •     **24**[queue] - Force Logout from single queue
  •     **50 - Agent Pause
  •     **51 - Agent Unpause

Module: Hotel -

The Hotel module includes:

  • Managing telephone charges, minibar, etc.
  • Managing language
  • Managing extensions/rooms
  • Check-In individual (also from phone) and of group
  • Check-Out with the issue of a receipt for the telephone traffic, for the minibar, etc.
  • Wake Up also from phone
  • Wake Up journal
  • Receipts list