Changelog 3023 - 22/06/2015

  •  New "Queues Inbound" modules.
    •     Statistics:
      •        Answered calls
      •        Unanswered calls
      •        Distribution calls
    •     Real Time monitorig and Agents management

    Changelog 3022 - 13/04/2015

    •  New "SMS" module.
      •     Ability to create three different types of Sms Device:
        •        Chan_dongle
        •        API url (http)
        •        API script
      •     Ability to associate the sms device to individual users
      •     Ability to create sending lists taking contacts from phonebooks or by importing txt file
      •     Ability to associate the lists individual users

    Changelog 3021 - 23/03/2015

    •  New feature "Wizard" which allows you to configure, in sequence, the general parameters, the users creation with synchronization to the FreePBX extensions, the shared phonebook and a virtual fax.

    •  User management - two new fields:
      •     Assign all extensions for BLF
      •     Assign all users to CHAT
    •  Included in all "Management" menus the help tooltip.

    •  Fax management - for each user associated with a certain virtual fax there is now the possibility of defining:
      •     If the user can use the virtual fax for sending
      •     If the user can view, for that virtual fax, all faxes sent or only the fax sent by the user
      •     If the user can view, for that virtual fax, received faxes
    •  Fax Management - 3 new fields:
      •     ReceiveFax Option
      •     E-mail Notification to error inbound fax
      •     Assign Virtual Fax to all users
    •  New feature (in BETA) "Journal calls"

    Changelog 3020 - 09/03/2015

    •  New feature in "Answered Call PopUp", add buttons": "Hangup", "Hold" and "Direct Transfert".
    •  New feature for "CSV Export".

    Changelog 3019 - 23/02/2015

    •  Bug-fix: in "CSV Import" (not accept contacts without phone number assigned).
    •  Bug-fix: in "Remember Call" (modify saved note with special characters.

    Changelog 3018 - 17/02/2015

    •  New feature "Remember Call" that allows you to save a number or a contact from the phone book to call on a specific date/time
    •  New management of "Import CSV" for headings with the ability to dynamically bind the columns to be imported. you can also save the pattern so you can reuse.

    Changelog 3017 - 02/02/2015

    •  Introduced SKIN assignable to individual user (short it will be released for new)
    •  In the "User Management" was introduced tab for entering telephone contacts
    •  From BLF can now right-click (on the "calls") in order to make the click2call on one of the numbers the user referenced by the extension
    •  PopUp from the call is now possible to forward the notes included with the call data for both e-mail and as a notification in chat